Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Find me in Migration

International Migration is a fascination,

People in millions exiting their home nation

Pulling out your roots, stripping you of physical bonds

A new life elsewhere, on the other side of the pond

Such is the way, we choose to live,

Away from family cherished so dearly

Making new friends often, 

And deeper friendships rarely

Settling in into new ways of life,

Languages we would have once chanced upon

Rolling out of our mouths

Sweet as sugar if needed,

Or sharp as the edge of a knife.

Today we eat what yesterday was bad

Shocked are our styles and changed are the ways we are clad

Do what you can to blend in

Retain your uniqueness; you are beautiful in brown skin.

When do you feel settled and in bliss?

When is nostalgia finally given a miss?

Does yesterday’s shine make dull our here?

Or is tomorrow’s allure strong enough for doubts to disappear?

What we all hold onto is a feeling, that’s all.

Be capable of sculpting it and rejoicing the now.

Tomorrow may come soon

But listen to today’s call.

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