Friday, 23 December 2016

Diwali Delights

The hands of friendship
Pull you near,
Take it, hold it and wipe your tears
When you are my friend,
Life is easy ,
Tell me my friend..
Why should I fear?

The smiles of our loved ones,
Bring us close together
In our hugs humanity resides,
Crystal clear
With you as my love one ..
Tell me dear
How can life, possibly keep me aside?

The sands of time,
Fly days to months and years
In these fractions of moments, lives we have lived reappear
With you by my side,
As a good and faithful steer..
How can I be engulfed and disappear?

Loyalty, friendship and love,
Give us the victories we seek,
Evil will lose to the duel
That poaches on the weak

The Good in us
Can light up more than our lives,
Along with the lamps
On a Diwali night

The food, the lights, the sweets.. galore
But the joy of sharing and giving is even more

Acknowledge this feeling,
Acknowledge your bliss
Recognise your blessings
And not what you miss

- this poem was featured in the Newsletter of IECB Belgium for Diwali 2016

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