Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Birthday Wishes for my sister 2016

Since I have you,
Life keeps flowing 
Cause I know you, 
Possibilities keep growing..

Years ago, my path was softened 
Since you were born first..
Onto you I depend

My darling sister, you are my 
Amma gave me my beginning,
I hope to hold your hand until the end

I am yours,  
Happy Birthday my darling

Birthday Poem for my sister on her birthday 2017

When As a kid,
I mispronounced our names..
Leta and Leta, 
Different, yet same

Little did I know,
We would be so woven tight,
A handful of friendship 
And strengthening delight

Reaching a big day,
Today you rejoice,
I gift you more love
I will try to be concise

Those who know you,
Can picture this well
A boundless spirit 
You embody and in you dwells 

Loving and nurturing,
Generous and kind
Everyone you touch,
In heart and in mind

You make us 
proud to say,
We know you 
and are yours

At any age,
You can captivate a mind
Or fight for a cause

Your family, friends
 students and colleagues 
With me join in applause

Happy birthday, 
Sister, friend, partner and teacher
Today is just a stop sign,
Welcoming in tomorrow's bright future

Happy Big Birthday!!! 
- your little sister, Lekha

Mother's Day poem written on 7th May 2016

Years roll along,but
The feeling is the same
All I can do, is write 
A poem in your name

Can we really gift
The one who gave us all
One who caught us,
Right before our fall

And how does one gift
The ones who are no more
The ones who went 
Too early and even before 

Remember your eyes,
Remember your smile,
Remember the softness 
Of your skin fragile

So much you gave me,
So much I took
So much in those two decades
Did you follow a book?

How did you know ..
That strength was nurtured 
How did you know ..
That depth was figured

You who looked tired
You who were ill
Not once did 
You make us feel
run of the mill

All I can do is join my hands
And thank you again , 
For having been there 
As sure as the sun and the rain 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Blessed Love

When you come to me,
I can see me through
that kind and loving gaze
that is distinctly you

When you hold me tight,
you push away
all the demons that prey
on every tiny fright

When you give yourself,
so selflessly
It melts my heart
that you guard so tenderly

When you love me so,
I know and feel,
the depth of love
that I mirror in real

When you reach my side,
I walk tall and proud
The man you are
Makes me blush with pride

Thursday, 6 April 2017

When Death doesn't take us apart

A Light that Died
That Fateful Day,
Took with it all the warmth,
You say

But, when you close your eyes
And stand still
Can you not the heat, still feel?

The radiance went,
Another would cry,
How will life go on,
The third would sigh,

The shine was so strong,
While it was here
That years melt to moments,
When we feel them near

Such is the strength
of True Love,
that Time can't erase;
that no force can shove

Such is the joy of a life
well spent,
With the one you adored
And for you was meant

Friday, 23 December 2016

Diwali Delights

The hands of friendship
Pull you near,
Take it, hold it and wipe your tears
When you are my friend,
Life is easy ,
Tell me my friend..
Why should I fear?

The smiles of our loved ones,
Bring us close together
In our hugs humanity resides,
Crystal clear
With you as my love one ..
Tell me dear
How can life, possibly keep me aside?

The sands of time,
Fly days to months and years
In these fractions of moments, lives we have lived reappear
With you by my side,
As a good and faithful steer..
How can I be engulfed and disappear?

Loyalty, friendship and love,
Give us the victories we seek,
Evil will lose to the duel
That poaches on the weak

The Good in us
Can light up more than our lives,
Along with the lamps
On a Diwali night

The food, the lights, the sweets.. galore
But the joy of sharing and giving is even more

Acknowledge this feeling,
Acknowledge your bliss
Recognise your blessings
And not what you miss

- this poem was featured in the Newsletter of IECB Belgium for Diwali 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Find me in Migration

International Migration is a fascination,

People in millions exiting their home nation

Pulling out your roots, stripping you of physical bonds

A new life elsewhere, on the other side of the pond

Such is the way, we choose to live,

Away from family cherished so dearly

Making new friends often, 

And deeper friendships rarely

Settling in into new ways of life,

Languages we would have once chanced upon

Rolling out of our mouths

Sweet as sugar if needed,

Or sharp as the edge of a knife.

Today we eat what yesterday was bad

Shocked are our styles and changed are the ways we are clad

Do what you can to blend in

Retain your uniqueness; you are beautiful in brown skin.

When do you feel settled and in bliss?

When is nostalgia finally given a miss?

Does yesterday’s shine make dull our here?

Or is tomorrow’s allure strong enough for doubts to disappear?

What we all hold onto is a feeling, that’s all.

Be capable of sculpting it and rejoicing the now.

Tomorrow may come soon

But listen to today’s call.