Saturday, 18 April 2020

A poem for a beautiful day

Be happy my friend,
My heart tells me to sing,
Be happy and joyful
As our learning begins,

Today is a new day
Which has been added to your  kitty 
Today in itself is bigger than eternity

When each second counts 
And each minute spins 
With a mind that engages 
To every person and thing 

The day will be so much 
While being so less 
Time will slip by 
But your reality will progress 

Be aware of all that you have 
And all that you think
You are the maker of 
Your little sweet nothings 

Hold what you love
And be held in their embrace 
And while you do that 
Smile, as your presence  in the world 
Is God’s shining Grace 

Written on 18/04/2020

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Walking and talking

Like a silent doe,
On a winter's dawn
In a quaint forest,
principally Brown

Come walk with me,
My dear friend
and admire Nature's Gown

We shall walk a bit,
We shall talk a bit
and gossip on the trails of fall

We shall laugh a bit,
and shiver a bit
In case the temperature might stall

At the end of the road,
We shall replenish and hunt
Our Hunger, Our thirst, Our Cold

Our spirits will get a sureshot lift,
Our meeting will feel like Gold

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Burning Light of Glee

This burning light of glee,
Is entrenched so deep
Within me
It seems to keep strong,
Every moment as I move
Dancing along
People must Wonder, 
What is it I see
People must question,
On its mystery
So happy I stay,
Counting my blessings each day
So childlike I seem,
With my silly smile
And it’s beam
Everyone wants the burning light in me
Everyone wants my very own brand of Happiness Ghee
May you be me, 
And mine be yours
May your minutes go by, 
Lived fully like hours
May you be so aware of
The breath you take 

May you be happy to be alive 
So as to make a mistake 

May you realise your luck
Which is better than his

The one who lives life for
Tomorrow’s bliss

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Blessed to Bliss

When the Light comes to you
of its own accord,
When the Note seems to play
Without striking a cord,
When your eyes cant stop twinkling
And your feet are swinging

You know your life has leapt a 1000 yards

When your happiness is only
 yours to see,
But it seeps out of you
 in all its glory,
When you're feeling blessed
without a presence around,
When you live life's prayers
And cant hear a sound

When you feel that life
has given you so much,
When you're surrounded
by love and your lover's touch
When nothing can make
your smile turn down,
When nothing is as important
as your Joyous Crown

Then you bask
in the sunshine of Plenty,
Then you feel as young as 20,
Then you know that today
brings with it hopes and dreams,

That your life lies ahead,
Its your Kingdom, your Realm

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Birthday Wishes for my sister 2016

Since I have you,
Life keeps flowing 
Cause I know you, 
Possibilities keep growing..

Years ago, my path was softened 
Since you were born first..
Onto you I depend

My darling sister, you are my 
Amma gave me my beginning,
I hope to hold your hand until the end

I am yours,  
Happy Birthday my darling

Birthday Poem for my sister on her birthday 2017

When As a kid,
I mispronounced our names..
Leta and Leta, 
Different, yet same

Little did I know,
We would be so woven tight,
A handful of friendship 
And strengthening delight

Reaching a big day,
Today you rejoice,
I gift you more love
I will try to be concise

Those who know you,
Can picture this well
A boundless spirit 
You embody and in you dwells 

Loving and nurturing,
Generous and kind
Everyone you touch,
In heart and in mind

You make us 
proud to say,
We know you 
and are yours

At any age,
You can captivate a mind
Or fight for a cause

Your family, friends
 students and colleagues 
With me join in applause

Happy birthday, 
Sister, friend, partner and teacher
Today is just a stop sign,
Welcoming in tomorrow's bright future

Happy Big Birthday!!! 
- your little sister, Lekha

Mother's Day poem written on 7th May 2016

Years roll along,but
The feeling is the same
All I can do, is write 
A poem in your name

Can we really gift
The one who gave us all
One who caught us,
Right before our fall

And how does one gift
The ones who are no more
The ones who went 
Too early and even before 

Remember your eyes,
Remember your smile,
Remember the softness 
Of your skin fragile

So much you gave me,
So much I took
So much in those two decades
Did you follow a book?

How did you know ..
That strength was nurtured 
How did you know ..
That depth was figured

You who looked tired
You who were ill
Not once did 
You make us feel
run of the mill

All I can do is join my hands
And thank you again , 
For having been there 
As sure as the sun and the rain