Friday, 25 March 2016

That day

That day,
was my birthday,
that day, I was to feast

Little did my heart know,
the morning would awaken a beast
the beast of terrorism to hit my city,
a city, oh so far from the East

That day, little did I know,
that so much would unfold
hiding the face of violence,
So little to say the least.

The airport shook,
the metro screamed,
people ran in terror,
That day, was such a shame
that it existed,
it still seems like an error.

The day after spring,
was meant to be
a day of joy and hope
That day, left a population,
redefining their lives and its scope.

That day, Brussels, my home
far from my roots, cried out in pain
that day, like today,
my heart still sings out, let this not be in vain

Save us from our our demons,
Save us from our thoughts,
Save us from our negaitivity,
let life, bloom and sprout
And bring about a feeling of solidarity

Today is not that day,
Tomorrow will be less,
That day is the first day
of  Rising Hope and Humanness

Monday, 21 March 2016

Words in a poem, poem in words

On the day of poetry,
The heart wants more
Childhood dreams
and blessings galore

Opening up pages,
Soaking in thoughts
Painting a picture
With feelings and what not

A book for him
Or me or us,
The fun of this ride
Is clearly inside the bus

Before we can speak,
After we have finished all
Words and phrases
Form the link in this wild crawl

Of life and after that,
From book to thought
To tongue to touch all
Sweet as sugar or not

Feed me well,
Such food for thought
Let me make life
Count more than a lot.