Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Look into my Ocelli

In I walk alone,

And my presence is noticed

On the border of a pane

Or over one’s glasses my path is


I evoke such a feeling

That is never with glee

Cover up your vessels,

I’m on a licking spree


Not one that is pretty,

Not one that is quaint

I’m generally stuck to you

If the dampness is constrained


My wings beat wild,

My eyes roam free

No stink can stop me

I’m despicably me


Ok, the butterfly is a darling

And no one’s better than the bee!

I see no need

To add to my injury


I may pick up dirt

Or play in muck all day

In the end of all

I’m made to pay


My existence is worthless,

You scream all day

Diseases I carry,

Hence you keep me at bay


Not difficult to maintain,

My needs are little

Give me a king’s meal,

 A drain or a puddle


Why can’t you love me?

Is my innocent reverie

I don’t even sting or bite

Oh poor me


Punished is my start,

And my end you see

So let me fly my life away

In sweet misery



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