Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Daddy strongest!

Stuck with me for now and forever,
Being a part of you is cherished and treasure

The man you were, was matched to few
So much we learned then and the findings grew,

Your heart was of gold,
Your skin silken weave

Even your departure,
taught me consciousness while I grieve

For us you were a man of action,
A hero on earth, doing his duties with passion

You taught us so much, You gave us such freedom
Adjusting to life constantly was normal in your kingdom

Cause you were our king, who had us enslaved
with your love and softness, you only gave

Grateful we are for who we are now
Our core is strong as you must have wanted and how!

You show us how a true parent should be,
Even all these years later, Im glad your hand constructed me.

(this poem has been written today, the day my late father would have been 86. He is still sorely missed by his four children )

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