Thursday, 7 June 2012

The working mothers early morning saga

This one is an old poem that I had jotted down when my kids were younger, my heart goes out to the ladies who manage both home and work...

Ah! those early morning dreams,
Promises of love and hope through the passage of time
They come true, someone once had said
How cool that would be, you think in your head
Then reality strikes as you are shaken to it,
By a wailing cry and a followed scream
Your day has begun,
You beauty queen!

Wake up, rise and shine
Oh you have got to somehow stop that whine,
Got to go, find the light switch
Juggle with the rubber nipple and the powdered milk
Back through the dark to a hungry mouth
Who you now remember and can place,
Against your chest, in your embrace.

How you love this child and will miss her so
As you remember now the rest to go,
The long list of things that you have to do,
Before the clock strikes eight that too!

Got to wake the elder one even
And prepare a rushed breakfast for all of you
Along with the sacred chai
The only fix for an Indian mai

Now once the baths are all done,
You are slowly feeling like a hundred and one
The kids are sparkling new in the day’s attire
Oh god the eggs are on fire!

Tiffin one and Tiffin two
Must not forget the Tiffin for you
Hubby has left long ago,
Works his shifts at Yelco

How you wish you lived back home
Would have hired some household help for sure
Nostalgia right now, it should not come
This is not the time to think of a cure.

You move out in the cold and dark
The rising sun has not yet crossed your path
After dropping them to daycare and school
Now you have got to keep your cool
And rush to your job, which will start
In exactly two minutes and you will hear
A screaming boss and hide that tear

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