Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunny quest

Wet as a bird's feather
 or light without having to wear your sweater,
All this depends on our friend the Weather

It has the power to bring upon us an emotion
or a stream of sweat drops that resembles an ocean

Sunny today, cloudy the day after
Such power to make our time a disaster,
Making us pray to get out of this depression
that comes along with the sun's discretion

Dance with me oh bright sunshine
Make our world yours for sometime
A rainy day, we have seen one too many
Wearing layers of clothes has made us just too weary

All we need is that right temperature,
The kind that makes us happy to see mother nature.
Some days of vacations we desire
Far away from the warmth of the household fire

Come to us oh wonderful climate
Don't be shy, I open wide my gate.

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