Thursday, 7 June 2012

Amma, Mom, Mummy, precious a being, celebrate yours

Well I seem to be going overboard on the very first day, but hey its a blog after all!
Here is a ode that I had written for my late mother some years back on her death anniversary. My way of connecting with her. I miss her so much.
She was an asthmatic, had not been able to finish school since her family could not afford it and had a very tough childhood herself but I rarely heard her grumble..some lessons are still to be learned.


Woman of substance, learning on the go
Although your every breath was slow,
Weaved your life through childhood and youth
Did not question the route it took

Then came the exchange of  rings,
Exchange of siblings and worldly things
Brought you to a nest atlast,
One you made into a home very fast

Travelled the world with your better half
Experienced new places, faces and tongue
This was part of your adventure
Part of the joy of being young

Made your babies in the mean time
Not one, not two, not three but four
Oh,your body couldnt bear anymore

Each one was special, each one was rare
Every pain, hurt and pleasure was to share
With a firm but gentle hand,
Taught them every thing from "stand"

You lived your life then on for them,
You wiped their tears and stitched their hem,

Stood up like a lioness when need was there
No one could touch a single hair
Of your babies who love you so
Miss you dearly and even more

We see you in our smiles and tears
A look that comes and disappears
Of a woman we once knew
We are so lucky to be a part of you

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