Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Mother's Day poem written on 7th May 2016

Years roll along,but
The feeling is the same
All I can do, is write 
A poem in your name

Can we really gift
The one who gave us all
One who caught us,
Right before our fall

And how does one gift
The ones who are no more
The ones who went 
Too early and even before 

Remember your eyes,
Remember your smile,
Remember the softness 
Of your skin fragile

So much you gave me,
So much I took
So much in those two decades
Did you follow a book?

How did you know ..
That strength was nurtured 
How did you know ..
That depth was figured

You who looked tired
You who were ill
Not once did 
You make us feel
run of the mill

All I can do is join my hands
And thank you again , 
For having been there 
As sure as the sun and the rain 

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