Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Birthday Poem for my sister on her birthday 2017

When As a kid,
I mispronounced our names..
Leta and Leta, 
Different, yet same

Little did I know,
We would be so woven tight,
A handful of friendship 
And strengthening delight

Reaching a big day,
Today you rejoice,
I gift you more love
I will try to be concise

Those who know you,
Can picture this well
A boundless spirit 
You embody and in you dwells 

Loving and nurturing,
Generous and kind
Everyone you touch,
In heart and in mind

You make us 
proud to say,
We know you 
and are yours

At any age,
You can captivate a mind
Or fight for a cause

Your family, friends
 students and colleagues 
With me join in applause

Happy birthday, 
Sister, friend, partner and teacher
Today is just a stop sign,
Welcoming in tomorrow's bright future

Happy Big Birthday!!! 
- your little sister, Lekha

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