Thursday, 5 July 2012

Strings with rings

Dring, ring ring,
the angry telephone rings,
A boss who complains or
a lengthy project to explain,
Your day leaves a lot to desire...

Dring, ring ring,
the friendly telephone rings,
A pal on the line,
who needs reassurance you are fine..
Its so much fun to inspire

Dring, ring ring,
the lonely telephone rings,
Your family from elsewhere
connecting for news, love and care.
Makes you happy that you are linked by this wire.

Dring, ring ring,
the dreadful telephone rings,
to remind you of the bill to be paid
For all those calls you have made..
Tires your head, makes you jump into bed & quickly retire!


  1. Good one, we have a relation with this gadget now. :)

  2. Thanks Saru, yes we cannot live without it anymore :-)