Friday, 6 July 2012

My first Hero

The first hero in any girl's life is her father. I am no exception to this fact.
In fact, three years after my father expired on his death anniversary I wrote my first spontaneous poem. It was for him, about him and a hope to reach out in some way, anyway possible. Its crazy that no matter how old you are, when you place yourself in relation to your parents you feel like a tiny kid again.

Here is my poem,


He was there since we were born,
Woke us up daily with a song,
Mone, Mollu, ambili kutty
made us feel so strong and pretty...
He was a man without whom I couldnt sleep,
Was always busy waiting with a leap
to hold him tight and have the same
given back to me while he called my name...
Lovely daddy, how I miss you,
Everyday I want to kiss you
Even if three years have gone,
You have been replaced by none
In my heart you will stay,
Everyday I will continue to pray
That you live in me for all life long
So that I can sing this song
Mollu mollu ambili kutty
I hope to make them feel strong and pretty ......

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