Tuesday, 9 February 2016


How do you move forward
when the current pulls you back?
What can you do to fight the feeling of lack?
Lack of some skills or lack of ambition,
Or is it just a void of any kind of mission.
Killing a routine can be irksome,
Unless you pull out a solution from the hat of a magician.
Many of us sure feel this way,
Lets see what is at offer to while it away.

The choices we made,
bring us sorrow and joy
The games we once played,
may have had the power to destroy.
The moment is here,
the moment is now
Grasp it when you can
You must know how.

You must know how,
Cause Time can slip away
While you are fretting,
the clock is ticking all day.
Hold on to your joys,
Hold on to your love.
Life is truly a blessing
Sent from Heaven Above

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